Sunday, March 23, 2014

Got Anthropology? New Youtube Channel!

Hello everyone!

I realise I've been away for awhile - but only because I've been working to bring you some awesome projects, one of which I am excited to release!

I've written before about the new Got Anthropology speaker series that's been going on throughout the year. They've featured a ton of members of the anthropology department, giving talks on everything from preserving the diverse wildlife in Madagascar to how technology influences and impacts our lives, and what advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence will mean for the future.

The initiative has been spearheaded by Kim Valenta, a graduate student here at the university. Her goal in establishing the speaker series was to enable grad students to talk about what they do in a more informal setting. The talks inspire interesting questions and stirring discussion, aiming to engage with the greater community in Toronto and engage participants in moving beyond their own field or specialization. My personal favourite has been Travis Steffens' talk on conservation ecology and all the incredible species of Madagascar.

Kim was recently featured in an article on the Arts and Sciences news page, which I encourage you all to check out here!

Today, I'm happy to share that Got Anthropology? has a Youtube channel! I have been involved in helping video the talks, and after a lot of editing, videos of several lectures have recently come online.

Jess Davidon's talk on Ethical Consumption, Travis Steffens on Primate Conservation, and Emma Yasui on Technology are all available at the Got Anthropology? Youtube channel, which you can find from this link.

I strongly encourage everyone to come out to the next Got Anthropology? talk: If Humans Evolved from Monkeys, Why Are There Still Monkeys? Link to the Facebook event here. They're a lot of fun and everyone will have the chance to ask some great questions!

Look for more updates from Inside Anthropology, coming soon!

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